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Monday, December 15, 2014

True Religion Finds the Sexiest Jeans For Your Body

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The goal of your favorite pair of jeans should always be comfort. However, let us be realistic, your top priority before considering comfort is how great they make your ass look isn't it? To find the sexiest jeans for your body, you need to understand denim and  get to know yourself.

Are you curvy? Booty blessed? Are you straight and narrow? Do you have a strong presence all over? Do you have a long rise? Short rise? Do you have no idea what that means? Take a look at your body shape. Do your hips curve out noticeably from your waist? How about towards the back? What is the distance between your waist and crotch? Understanding your own body goes a long way in finding the perfect women's jeans to flatter it.

First, consider the fit. If you have a bit of a muffin top, a mid-rise jean would be more forgiving than a low rise jean. If you have a flat stomach and curvy hips, a low rise can show off that hourglass shape nicely. The shape of the leg should enhance the shape of your own. Bootcut jeans are great for showing off curves and accommodating hot boots. Skinny jeans for women are wonderful to exhibit a long pair of stems. If you are a casual gal, True Religion’s Brianna Boyfriend jean is a relaxed fit that is roomy through the leg if you want extra comfort or to show off a fit upper body.

Second, the fabric matters! If you have curves, a little bit of Spandex or elastine in the mix can really mold the jeans to where it counts. For more structure, look for high quality cotton in a comfortable denim weight.

Finally, what really makes your jeans your own is the finish. Dark washes like True Religion’s Hand Picked dark dye can be slimming. Layered dying processes can give subtle highlight to areas you want to flaunt like this Julie Low Rise Skinny Jean.

Now that you have the formula, it is time to find your sexiest jeans ever. Remember, fit, fabric and finish and you’ll never have a sloppy denim day again!

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Shi Xiaoyu said...

I like jeans, that's gorgeous.

Alex Smith said...

Rock those butts in your jeans ladies

MommyPowers! said...

I love these!

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