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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winterizing Your Wardrobe

Every year the cold weather seems to sneak up on me. It starts with needing longer sleeves and before I know it I'm wearing the first thing I can find that will prevent me from getting hypothermia. This usually ends up being something out of style or very unflattering.

Although it may have taken me longer to figure out than it should have, I finally seem to have come up with a few staple pieces to keep in my closet that will keep me warm and stylish this season—and many years to come.

A Coat That You Can't Buy at a Sporting Store

It might be the most obvious necessity on this list, but it's still worth noting for those that have yet to head the advice. Believe or not there will come a time where you can't pair everything with a North Face fleece. Even if you're a student and haven't entered the workforce yet, everyone needs a nice, neutral-colored coat for more formal occasions.

A fitted pea coat can positively accentuate every frame. By choosing a neutral color and tone, you can pair the coat with almost any winter outfit. In most cases, a short coat will look better with jeans, while a longer coat tends to be more universal. If you opt for the longer variety, Styled 24/7 suggests one with a belt or tie around the waist that can help give you a more defined hourglass figure.

A Classic A-line Mini Skirt

It might seem trendy for this winter, but if you choose an understated color or pattern, this style is one that you can wear for at least the next few winter seasons and still look just as sharp. Elle says that the design was brought back thanks to Nicolas Ghesquière's fall collection for Louis Vuitton, and that he's successfully turned the look from "schoolgirl" to "cool girl."

There are plenty of options to pair with the skirt, but it looks exceptionally nice with a long-sleeve button-up and tights or leggings—thankfully, otherwise you'd freeze. Spend the money on a quality skirt that will last and you can have fun picking out more contemporary tops to go with it throughout the years. And for those of you feeling particularly daring, Style claims that "Snakeskin Is the New Neutral."

Those Frilly Lacy Things

Less fabric doesn't always equal a sexier look, ladies. It may seem like an unlikely solution, but you can actually use lingerie to keep yourself warmer, allowing you to wear less bulky, more flattering clothes. Body stockings, for example, can give you the support you need and tend to be a much sexier option than Spanx or support hose.

Of course, good-looking lingerie doesn't just make your temperature hotter; it can make you feel better about yourself, too. Adam & Eve drives that point home in noting that just having something sexy on under your clothes can raise your confidence and make you feel more desirable—even if everyone around you in none the wiser. Nothing's sexier than confidence, right?

Boots Made for Walking—And Other Activities Too

Knee-high boots are certainly going to be trendy this season, and if you're up for a splurge I suggest going with a neutral black. However, I can't speak for their style longevity. Ankle boots, on the other hand, are much more versatile, easily paired with pants/jeans, skirts, dresses and anything else you can think of.

Tina Gaudoin, contributing editor for the style section of the Wall Street Journal, suggested a Dicker boot that she referred to as the "Casual Cool Classic" boot for every occasion. A Dicker boot puts a modern spin on the classic cowboy boot, and they're available almost everywhere in different colors and materials. Best of all they're sturdy, so you can look fabulous taking on the winter terrain.

If you're looking at something more trendy, just remember you likely won't get more than a season or two's use out of it. More often than not, pieces that you know are going to be fashionable for years to come are worth splurging on.

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