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Friday, October 24, 2014

How to Hack Your Kitchen Like a Foodie Fashionista

New York City.  It is arguably the best city in the world to live in if you love fashion, culture and cuisine.  This fabulousness comes at a price of course.  Most of us live in apartments the size of “closets” to those in other parts of the country.  The savvy New Yorker makes due by hacking their kitchen space to fit all that they love in the jewel box they live in.  I'm working with Seamless to share my best tips.

My smallest apartment was the one I lived in during my sophomore year in college.  It was a studio with no stove, Murphy bed and a flip down counter to act as my desk/dining table/dressing room.  I learned my best space hacks during this time.

Many of you love fashion as much as I do and have the wardrobe collection to match.  Unfortunately, many of you, like me, probably don’t have the real estate to accommodate your treasures properly.  That’s why I’ve compiled some of my most useful space hacks for the kitchen – easily among the most underutilized closet opportunities in any abode.

I hoard clutch handbags, and have found through the years that favorites can be stored and displayed along any narrow strip of wall you can find.  I have this trio right next to the fridge.  I switch up the selection by season. 

bracelet hack
Have a bit of extra molding?  Run these along any spare bit of wall you have and you can balance your heels against them for a stylish shoe rack.  Old picture frames work for this too!

Do you multi-task your paper goods? Great! Now you can use those extra kitchen accessories to store jewelry.  I use my paper towel rack to hold bangles, necklaces and other trinkets.  This is also handy when you need to take off jewelry to wash the dishes or cook.

No one said your kitchen cupboards have to store kitchen-related items.  I get my inspiration from fashion, art and cookbooks, so why can’t they all be in the same place?

Let’s face it.  How much cooking are you really doing in your kitchen?  New Yorkers live and die by their favorite takeout restaurants.  You know your delivery person by name.  To help you out, Seamless is launching its #TapTapTakeout contest where you could win $500 in Seamless dollars.  That’s five hundred to indulge in your best NYC gourmet cravings (then the money you saved can be used for that next great fashion find). You win multiple times over.  If that’s not savvy city life, you can throw me out of my shoebox.

Seamless. Food as easy as tap tap takeout.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Seamless via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Seamless.


busybeeblogger said...

WHAT?? These are some of the coolest life hacks I have seen! I love the fashion books mixed with cook books.

Kitty Bradshaw said...

I am I the process of looking for an apartment and it looks like I will end up in a studio. I need you to come over to my place ad hack aaway, loll.
Seamless is amazing... I used them often when I lived in New York.

Kim Porter said...

These are great storage options for someone living in a small space. Myself, personally, wouldn't store my shoes in the kitchen. Good ideas, nevertheless.

MommyPowers! said...

I love a good contest- thank you! And cool tips too!

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