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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To: Creepy Doll Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween! I am going with a Gothic, creepy doll as my costume this year.  While I knew I could whip us a frilly, disturbed frock, the makeup would be what made the character.  Ricky’s Glam Squad came to my rescue to help create this awesome look.  They send hair and makeup artists straight to your door for Halloween, Red Carpet events or any other occasion you need to look fabulous. 

Glam Squad stylist Marcy Iaquinto first came to NYC to be in front of the camera, but found her true calling creating beauty behind it.  Here’s her Creepy Doll Makeup Tutorial on how she created my look:

" I started the makeup with the eyes. I used a white pencil on the lid and under the eyes in a round shape including the water line.

 In the crease I used black eye shadow and extended that down around the white. I blended the edges so the eyes appeared hallow. I then blended some pink above the black on the top lids.

For complexion, I used a foundation  two to three shades lighter than actual skin tone for a pale look. I contoured with a darker powder to make the cheek bones appear a bit sunken in and added bright pink blush on the apples of the cheeks for a baby doll look.

For brows I exaggerated the color and made them imperfect as if they were a bit worn off."

"After complexion was done, I added those crazy fake eye lashes including bottom ones. The bottom lashes really helped create that wide open baby doll look.  

For lips, I drew an exaggerated heart shaped red lip and added concealer to the edges of the lips to help create the heart shape which really pulled the look together. "

So there you have it!  If you see me traipsing around the West Village Halloween Parade tomorrow, come say hello.  Please send me photos of YOUR costumes and makeup looks!  If you have a cool DIY, I would love to show it off!  

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