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Saturday, September 6, 2014

#NYFW: Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2015

Who doesn't love a photographer?  Rebecca Minkoff looked to iconic 1970's photographer Deborah Turbeville as her muse for Spring 2015.  

Deborah Turbeville, Vogue 1978
Deborah Turbeville’s work was known for its darker, edgier quality. She is often imitated today by modern fashion shooters.  Before Photoshop, she manually manipulated her own photographs for different effects.  The 3-D style prints on several dresses is a tribute to Turbeville’s process.

Unfortunately, the attempt at driving the 3-D detail across was not as successful during the fashion show.  Darkening the venue and asking guests to put on 3-D glasses might have sounded fun in planning, but it was disastrous for photographers who spent the time to set their cameras to the proper lighting before the switch.  You could hear a collective howl from the photo pit.  If you don’t see many photos of these looks, you now know why.  That’s too bad, since I actually liked those dresses.

The rest of the collection had a lot of pastel colors, often color blocked.  The fabrics were flowing.  The clothing silhouettes were soft and feminine.

 While Rebecca Minkoff began designing clothing, she is much better known as a handbag designer.  I think every single blogger I network with has at least one of her bags (I have three).  This season, there were fewer of her signature Mini MAB bags and more slouchy carryall handbags.  Fringe and studs were the key details coming up for spring.  There were several round silhouettes of bags resembling a Western water bottle case.
photos by Mariana Leung

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