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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Siempre Mujer Shoot with Genesis Rodriguez

Are you fan of bridal or embellishment design?  If you are not familiar with my side project, Weng Meng Design Studio, I create one-of-a-kind pieces based on my artisan embroidery designs.  Earlier this summer, a cool stylist by the name of Carlos Franqui contacted me after seeing my feather capelets on my Etsy shop. 

He was working on a fabulous white fashion story for a cover shoot for leading Latin magazine, Siempre Mujer.  The gorgeous actress Genesis Rodriguez was starring in this photo spread.  He said a white falcon would be the co-star and wanted a dramatic feather creation to accompany it.  Of course, I was out of town at the time and pulled an all-nighter the day before to make this happen. 

I layered long and medium length white feathers and stitched several rows of stitches to keep them
together on a base of soft tulle.  I used the natural curve of the feathers for shape.  I used shorter feathers for the collar area.  I added short, burnt coque feathers as accent.    I further used silk charmeuse to face the area where the ends of the feather shafts met to protect the wearer (very important when designing with feathers!)  I was really happy with the final product.

Let me tell you… All-nighters when you are 19 are very different from where I am now.  After I came home from the photo shoot, I crashed out with my head on the couch, body on an ottoman and a cat sprawled on my chest.  

The team at the photo shoot were terrific.  I hung out and helped with the set up for a bit to watch the stylists and photographers in action.  I absolutely loved the final result!

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