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Monday, August 25, 2014

#MYNY - DKNY Launches Fragrance With a Party in the Park

dkny myny perfume
Pop star Rita Ora, supermodel Chrissy Teigen and other celebrities were on hand to dish out heart shaped pretzels from Cronut King Dominic Ansel.   It was one giant party in Madison Square Park with a DJ, treats and the newest sweet scent from DKNY.

The Donna Karan brand has always professed their love for the city of New York in their advertising and their location in the heart of Manhattan.  This campaign takes that idea quite literally.  The digital heart motif was splashed everywhere.  The heart shaped bottle has a top inspired by the architecture of the city.

The scent itself? It has notes of raspberry, pink peppercorn, vanilla and freesia.  Other notes include thing I have never heard of, like roots of orris? (It is an herbal medicine ingredient).  The overall impression was a mix of aromas of what experts called "gourmand" scents at a fragrance seminar I went to and bohemian elements like patchouli and jasmine.

Well, considering the smell of NYC in the summer is often not pleasant, I have no objection to this perfume taking over Gotham.

Create your own #MYNY heart on their website.

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