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Friday, August 22, 2014

#MENSWEAR: Dr. Martens Spirit of '69

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doc martens 69
The iconic Doc Martens boot brand celebrated the “Spirit of ‘69” last night on the Lower East Side.  In its latest campaign, British rapper Mike Skinner and photographer Gavin Watson have evoked the rebellious spirit, music and skinhead culture of 1960’s that made the brand the punk fashion icon it is today.  Dr. Marten’s also collaborated with brands like Trojan RecordsAlpha Jackets, Brutus Shirts and Edwin Jeans that they felt also contributed to the culture of that time.

While Dr. Martens was traditionally made in the U.K. did you know there really was a “Doc”?  Dr. Klaus Maertens was a German inventor who originally created the label’s signature air sole to relieve the pain of his own injured foot.  The original work boots were worn by policemen and postmen. Certain styles are still being made in the original Cobbs Lane factory in England where they started in 1901.

The party was held at the three floor nightclub at The Delancey.  The palm tree filled rooftop and faux-grungy basement floors make it one of the clubs where you can still enjoy a variety punk, rock and reggae on the Lower East Side of NYC.  This was a fitting location for guests to dance to their choice of music and throw back a Red Stripe beer or Sailor Jerry.

New York was once a great place for rock n’ roll.  Based on the number of guests last night, there was no shortage of fans for the genre.  Rockers need to pull on their boots and stomp their way back to New York. Win your own pair of Dr. Marten's by showing your style here.

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