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Monday, August 4, 2014

Indah Swimwear 2015

indah 2015
Going tribal are we?  Indah Clothing’s 2015 collection was the last runway presentation of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the season.  Was everyone a little fatigued? Sure.  Was this fashion show worthy of keeping wearing photographers awake in the pit? Yes.

Hand woven and crochet pieces were prominent throughout this collection.  Tassels and ethnic jewelry embellished the swimwear and cover-up lounge looks.  Animal prints from zebra to tiger to African tribal prints were the patterns of choice. 

Hair on the models was blown out wild and BIG.  Here is what I learned about runway modelling from this show… Hair that is too big and bare feet does not make a model look tall and leggy.  More realistic? Sure.  Also, there is a big difference between seasoned runway walkers and enthusiastic newbies.  I applaud the spirited ladies who attempted to flirt, wink and dance.  However, the lack of experience showed when models swayed awkwardly.  Attempted winks looked like a seizure and duck faces do not equal sexy.  There was a model whose eyes were downcast during every twirl, making all shots of that model unusable.   

After a few days of Amazon goddesses dominating the catwalk, this show was a shock.  For those who think modelling is nothing more than walking up and down a straight line, this was the show that proved real skills are needed.  Experienced models know their best poses.  They know where to look at the camera and how to convey any type of attitude required in a way that makes a great photo as opposed to acting a certain way in a social setting.  

I tried to learn a bit more about Indah as a brand.  They did not send me a press release before or after the show.  Their website only shows a video under multiple tabs.  Their blog has no text, just photos.  I could not learn anything about the designer.  Their Facebook page mentions the brand has roots in Indonesia.  Is this label a ghost?  Send me to Bali and I’ll find out.
Photos by Mariana Leung

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