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Friday, August 1, 2014

Belusso Swimwear 2015

belusso 2015
belusso swimwear
Are you ready to tie one on?  That was the definitive detail of the Belusso 2015 swimwear collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Exaggerated ties were prominent in a majority of the looks on designer Kirsten Ehrig-Sarkisian’s runway.  The super-long ties were swung around from the side of the hips, front cleavage, back muscles, around the neck.  While probably not practical for swimming through coral embedded waters, it does feature a great way to create movement to highlight whatever part of the body you want to draw attention to.

The other signature features of this collection were the pretty vibration prints.  Many of the suits sported beautiful patterns that resembled sound waves.  The abstract, fluid prints were offered in a muted black and grey combination or sweet pastel mix. 

The Belusso collection is Los Angeles based, but the owner clearly loves a lifestyle in St. Tropez too.  There is a focus on luxury for this label.  The cover-ups are upscale lounging pieces often made from silk or fine cotton voile.  Ehrig-Sarkisian also loves to embellish her pieces with semi-precious stones too.  Celebrities from Mariah Carey to Jade Jagger are fans.  In fact, the name “Belusso” is a variation of the Italian words for “beautiful” and “luxury”.

Now, if only someone would take ME to St. Tropez so I can test-drive these styles properly.
Kirsten Ehrig-Sarkisian

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