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Monday, July 14, 2014

Theia Resort 2015

The THEIA resort collection for 2015 was inspired by artist Ellsworth Kelly.  This is an artist whose work is most recognized for its minimalist motifs, angled shaped and use of color.  

Designer Don O'Neill went back to basics by using Kelly as muse.  The artist's work was required study for anyone taking color theory in art school.  As you can see, it was a fantastic basis for any designer forming their own view on graphics and choosing their palette for a collection.

Art critics have said that Kelly’s art was influenced by his military background.  They say that his experience with camouflage, construction/deconstruction led to his approach to art.  That may be reaching a bit, but who is to determine the path of any line of creativity?

The resort collection used the bold colors of Ellsworth Kelly's famous works.  The sharp angles are seen in the color blocked seaming.  The patterns found in some of his work are echoed in the woven textured fabric, sequin embroidery or brushstroke prints. 

Beyond the cerebral, Don also designs practically.  The angles of the color blocked seams are cut to be very flattering on the body when the dresses are worn.  This is something red carpet celebrities and customers both appreciate.

Don O’Neill recently dressed Linda Wallem for her wedding to singer Melissa Etheridge this spring.   The happy couple was so pleased with the gown that Ms. Etheridge sang a personal greeting as a thank you.  Hell that beats any card I have ever received!

I personally will make it my mission to travel to any destination posh enough to wear this THEIA 2015 resort collection. It was simply gorgeous.

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