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Monday, June 16, 2014

Jazz Age Street Style

jazz age fashion
jazz lawn party style
jazz party governors island

It's the bees knees! Vintage style was in full force for the Jazz Age Lawn Party the past weekend.  Governor's Island was overrun with gorgeous groups of people in 1920s inspired looks picnic or dance to the Michael Arenella Dreamland Orchestra.

The bright sun made parasols a hot accessory.  I saw a few antique lace umbrellas, some painted Chinese paper parasols and a few pagoda umbrellas like my own (that's me in the bottom left corner).   The other must-have embellishments included a flapper headband and long beads or pearls.

The clothing varied a bit.  There was a mix of beaded dresses.  Some were truly vintage, while some only vaguely resembled the era, but projected the brassiness.  Ladies adorned themselves in silky boudoir looks from the era with a Louise Brooks flair or daytime looks with draped sleeves and tea length dresses.

Of course there were a few of the exact same cheap fringed frocks that the drugstore bags as "flapper girl" costume.  I can only imagine how sweaty those poly costumes must have been.  They get points for effort.

I love to see the guys involved in dressing up.  Most went the "Newsies" route, with bow tie, suspenders and newsboy hat.  Some dressed in 20's summer attire of light suit and straw hat. Entire families dressed up to picnic and dance.

If you needed to augment your look, there were plenty of vintage fashion purveyors.  Everyone from Screaming Mimi's to the talented milliner Gretchen Fenston displayed goods with a 1920's attitude.

There is a second lawn party in August.  If you are ready to get dressed and do the Charleston, you can buy your tickets for the Jazz Age Lawn Party here.
Photos by Mariana Leung

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