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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pratt Fashion 2014 - Part Three

pratt fashion 2014
pratt fashion show
juliana horner fashion
The second half of the Pratt Fashion Show 2014 was a study in handcrafted techniques and art.
Molly Clare Coyle showed an ethnic-inspired, hand painted group with a beautiful color palette.  Taylor Janotte appeared to have a similar ethnic muse, but with fantastic hand knits and prints.

Neil Grotzinger created a collection that looked like a mix of collage and found object embroidery.  There was a kimono-type jacket that was printed with patterns that looked like poster graffiti.  There was a bustier that looked pieced together like papier mâché.  I loved the dresses that were embellished in irregular motifs with beads in a technique that looked like three dimensional graffiti.

If you are looking for fashion as sculpture, Juliana Horner's collection is for you.  Her designs had a play of sheer and solid, with big shapes that ignored or distorted the natural body form.  This collection was not meant for every day wear but was impressive as statement pieces on the runway.

Congratulations graduates!
Photos by Mariana Leung

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