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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Robin Roberts - Everybody's Got Something

robin roberts the moms

everybodys got something
This post isn't about fashion per se.  It IS about inspiration.  Robin Roberts of Good Morning America gave me the most inspiration this week with her warmth and strength.  I was lucky enough to be invited to a luncheon by blogger and radio hosts The Moms to introduce the author's new book.

As someone who is not a morning person, I was most familiar with Ms. Roberts through her public story of breast cancer survival and myelosdsplastic syndrome.  Rather than making her message one of how she suffered or her frustration, she focused on her gratitude for the people in her life that rallied around her and how the simplest comforts can mean the most.

I recently dealt with a frustrating setback of my own.  Robin Robert's message, and title of her book, "Everybody's Got Something " drove home the idea that everyone has challenges, and also strengths.  You might not be dealing with the same setback, but you're not alone in them.  She helped me (and a very supportive group of women at this luncheon) put things in perspective.

She credits her parents stressing the 3 D's  "Discipline, Determination, and 'De Lord'." in her upbringing.  Her parents were quite accomplished in their generation and set the bar high for Robert's own accomplished athletic career, then broadcasting career.

Robin Roberts was warm, funny, welcomed questions and conversation.  She wore some rockin' color blocked leather pants that showed off her athletic physique (had to throw in some fashion). 

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