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Monday, April 14, 2014

Red Carpet Winners - MTV Movie Awards

 It was a sea of boring simple black dresses, the Red Carpet stars of last night's MTV Movie Awards were the ones that took risks and brought the out the color; lots of colors.  Lupita Nyong'o has been the hands-down winner of red carpet dressing this year and won the night again.  She wore a quirky arts project of a dress by Chanel that on anyone else, would have been silly, but had every fashion fan squealing instead.  The bright turquoise shoes, gun metal eye shadow and nerd glasses later on in the evening completed the best look of the awards.

Another art inspired look was worn by Jillian Rose Reed of MTV's Awkward.  While the strapless fit could have used a good tailor, the flared silhouette and painterly print was lots of fun.  I loved how the palette complemented her bright red hair.  The dress was from Angelys Balek. 
 Yes, I said there were a lot of boring black dresses.  The one exception was the Alexander McQueen gown worn by Nicki Minaj.  The rapper shocked fans and skeptics alike with a gorgeous, elegant makeover.  Her sleek hair, sexy cat's eye makeup was toned down from the looks we are used to, but the figure hugging black dress and teasing pattern along the side certainly did not reduce her impact and proved less can be more, even for Nicki.  The sculpted gold jewelry made her look like a queen.

Shailene Woodley always looked like the good girl with tasteful dresses and strong, tough characters.  It was great to see a more playful, sexy look last night.  The deceptively simple color of olive green was given a high fashion twist in Balenciaga's leather two-piece ensemble.  Those magnificent strappy heels? They are from Jimmy Choo.

Honorable mention goes to newlyweds Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert.  They had a great couples ensemble.  They wore similar, but not matching outfits.  Linda in charcoal suit with satin shawl collar with weathered t-shirt and rock n' roll pendants and belt buckle.  Sara also in rocker chic with leather blazer and hardware necklace in a different length.  The couple demonstrated the proper way to dress appropriately for the occasion and to complement each other.

Photos from Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV,REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

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