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Friday, April 18, 2014

Cadillac ELR Exposure Project

cadillac elr exposure
 cadillac party
Cadillac presented its latest star, the ELR this week by giving it the supermodel treatment. Top photographers were recruited to make their new car their muse with the ELR Exposure Project.  The shiny vehicle was a sleek product of industrial design that took a break from the stuffy car of my parent’s generation.  The shooters, DJ Derrick Jones, Liz Eswein, Jonathan Mannion and 13th Witness showed the car as urban sophisticate, nightlife star or city voyeur. 

The party held a crowd of design and car enthusiasts.  The loft setting against the sunset of the West Side highway was the perfect backdrop to show off the car itself.  I like how car manufacturers are now embracing their industrial roots and recognize how they partner well with other disciplines of design and art.  I love seeing the fashion designer/automobile collaborations that I have seen over the past few years, (Mara Hoffman with Mercedes-Benz, Isaac Mizrahi with Chevrolet).  I can’t wait to see where else design takes us next. 

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