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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Toronto Fashion Week: Vawk and Alleles Collaborate on Prosthetic Style

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sunny fong fashion
 What is the latest trend in intricately designed prosthetic limbs?  That is not a style update I expected to see at World Mastercard Fashion Week.   The VAWK fall 2014 runway was one of the most inspirational shows I have seen in a while on many fronts.

Designer Sunny Fong collaborated with competitors from a design contest, Ryan Palibroda and McCauley Wanner of Alleles Design Studio.  They proposed a beautiful, functional (and affordable) alternative to the more awkward, flesh colored limbs that current amputees had as an option.  The result was a cutting edge design was a piece of art that could be proudly shown off as the most stylish of accessories.

The chic black creation complemented the edgy black looks of the VAWK collection itself.  The clothing used a variety of sleek textures and form fitting silhouettes.  There was a bit of Goth influence, with crucifix jewelry and dramatic dark eye makeup.  There was a play on sheer and peek-a-boo cut-outs for a sexy, but not sleazy touch.

vawk designerI find Toronto Fashion Week casting more diverse than other fashion capitals.  The inspiration for Sunny Fong’s show was a modern interpretation of “1001 Nights” with a mix of Dubai luxury and 1990’s street style.   However, the biggest inspiration for me was their star model Amy Palmiero-Winters.  Ms. Winters is a 41 year old Mom, a motivational speaker, a world record-breaking ultramarathon athlete and an amputee.  She proved that “role model” is the new “supermodel”.

photos by David TW Leung

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