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Monday, March 24, 2014

Toronto Fashion Week: Pink Tartan Fall 2014

pink tartan fall 2014
pink tartan fashion
Is it cold again?  The cozy looks intended for fall 2014 from the Pink Tartan show at World Mastercard Fashion Week are perfect for today.  Lots of fur, chunky knits and layers of wool came down the runway of Kimberly Newport-Mimran

The color palette stuck to the basics of black, grey, white, with accents of camel, copper and red. While the models had big collars, or hoods or fur piled on in multiple pieces, there were many looks of exposed legs and ankles that looked unbalanced.  Of course, that is just styling and not meant to be taken literally.  However, while the short shorts looked chilly, the excess of layers had an unflattering bulky effect on other models.  

The fair isle sweater patterns remind me of my childhood in Toronto winters.  There were several looks featuring slim black cigarette pants.  The contrast trim or seaming on the side was a nice update to the wardrobe basic.  
fur handbag
 The big fur handbag was the accessory of choice.  I guess it gives you the option to hug something for warm if the other 5 layers you are wearing are not sufficient.  My favorite shoes on the Pink Tartan runway were the cap toe heels with the coordinating back ankle strap.

 Maybelline styled the models with a touch of retro 1960's glam with generous amounts of eyeliner and mascara.  The nude lip and cool cheek was to evoke that fresh from the outside cold look.

pink tartan designer
photos by David TW Leung

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