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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Toronto Fashion Week: David Dixon White Label Debut

david dixon bridal
toronto bridal fashion
Longtime Canadian fashion maestro David Dixon transformed his catwalk into an altar this week.  The World Mastercard Fashion Week show was the debut of his bridal collection.  The designer is usually known for his upscale sportswear, but after the urging of major wedding retailers, he decided to branch out.

You can see a lot of vintage glamour details in the styling of these gowns.  Peplums, bias draping, mermaid silhouettes are reminiscent of classic Hollywood divas.  In doing his research, the designer turned to many sources, but most personal were the wedding photos of his own mother.  Now the retro elegance makes sense.

Do you prefer a blushing bride? David Dixon didn't stick with the traditional white, he experimented with different shades of ivory, cream and several pink hues.  The general theme of the gowns were dresses that were floating and light.  They looked good in movement and definitely lent themselves to a good 'twirl".
david dixon white
photos by David TW Leung

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