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Sunday, March 16, 2014

THEIA White - Fall 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day! THEIA and Don O'Neill is Ireland's most celebrated designer.  His bridal collection for 2014 was breathtaking and fresh.  I love the updated twists on traditional wedding looks that were pretty and feminine, but still perfect for the classic bride.

The Goddess-like hooded cape was a great alternative to the expected veil.  One gown had an interesting, almost sporty neckline of lace.  THEIA's signature delicate laser cut petals embellished a fairy light gown.  A trumpet skirt hem revealed a rich tulle ruffled back train.  If the long white gown really isn't your style, an intricately embroidered tunic and satin pants was a great option.

Not into white? There was a group of gorgeous gold dresses for divas who like to shine down the altar or red carpet.

What I love about Don O'Neill's THEIA gowns are that they are flattering and accessible to bodies of all types.  Sure, tall thin models are wearing them on the runway, but many of the looks have stretch, hide and accent key areas and also built to accommodate structured undergarments.  Celebrities like Gabourey Sidibe recently looked like a queen during the Oscars, Oprah Winfrey also wore THEIA the year before.
Photos from THEIA


Tarah S said...

Great piece! Hope you get chosen for ifb weekly roundup!

Lady B said...

Well, I used to do editorial styling full time and I'd say that the route to styling def. depends on which stylist you want to be: wardrobe, editorial, runway, commercial, music etc. I wanted to be mainly editorial, so I interned at mags and also at runway shows. And that was what led me to doing runway and music styling...

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