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Monday, February 17, 2014

Zang Toi Fall 2014

zang toi fall 2014
zang toi fashion
I LOVE shooting this show.  Zang Toi always delivers a NY Fashion Week runway of glamour and elegance.  In the photographers' pit, all the jaded 'dudes' expressed their admiration of the refined looks they just witnessed.

The muse this season was 1930's Shanghai, or "Paris in the Orient".  Opulent jewels were painstakingly embroidered around necklines.  Rich velvets, silk taffeta and satin wrapped seasoned models in luxury.  What makes this fashion show such a treat is Zang Toi's themes are always carried through to the smallest detail.  The posture and attitude of the models who hold gorgeous poses.  Nail polish collections coordinated to key colors of the clothing.  Hair, makeup, jewelry are all a part of the fantasy.

Zang Toi uses his key team season after season.  Everyone who returns for his shows recognizes his hardworking crew and are as big a fan of the models as the clothing.  I heard a bunch of photographers cheer "Gigi!" as she sauntered out in her signature S-curved pose.  I love that she has such a vampy persona on the catwalk but is such a sweet kitten in person.

My favorite look at the Zang Toi show was a coat with a satin lining and jeweled beading on the interior.  It was subtle, but the most elaborate motifs were right on the bottom of the lining, and could only be seen when the contrast lining flipped up at the back when the model walked away.  Talk about making an exit as memorable as your entrance!
zang toi runway
zang toi
photos by Mariana Leung

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