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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vivienne Westwood Romances the Vienna Ballet

The Vienna State Ballet rang in the New Year with opulent style.  British designer Vivienne Westwood created costumes for the ballet dancers performing during intermission at a New Year’s Day concert in Austria.   

The fashion icon’s tulle and post-punk tartan looks took inspiration from her Spring 2014 collection.  The romantic aesthetic was then pushed to functional fantasy as each costume was custom tailored to the dancers
in silk taffeta ball gowns or bespoke menswear. 

While some of the costumes initially looked to have traditional silhouettes, you can see the deeper, darker coloring in the rich taffeta hues paired with sexy, unusual ruching in the bodices and skirts.  Black satin ballet shoes often replaced traditional baby pink.  Super-short pleated miniskirts in plaid replace the conventional tutu prove that VivienneWestwood will always be punk’s Godmother.  

I can’t imagine a more gorgeous way to start 2014.  Can you?
Photos by ORF/G√ľnther Pichlkostner

1 comment:

Kaylie said...

I LOVE Vivienne Westwood! She's my fairy godmother in my head

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