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Thursday, January 30, 2014

R.I.P. Myrtle Snow - American Horror Story Coven

ahs witch council
I have never written a tribute on the death of a fictional character.  However the demise of American Horror Story: Coven's  Myrtle Snow deserved a proper farewell.  Eccentrically played by the amazing Frances Conroy,  she was quirky, pretentious and kind.

Coven costume designer Lou Eyrich has described Myrtle Snow as a combination of Grace Coddington, Diana Vreeland and Peggy Guggenheim.  All three muses are easily recognized in the blazing red hair of Grace, the voice of Diana and wacky eyewear of Peggy.
ahs myrtle snow

As entertained as I was by the entire season of the show, Myrtle Snow's designer-referenced lines stole each episode she appeared in.  Some of my favorites:

 “You could never pull it off darling, only Lee Radziwll and myself could do it justice.” (Upon gifting a piece of jewelry created by Joel Arthur Rosenthal, 

 "These Drapes! I'm just mad for tartan!"

“Without Egon’s support Diane von F├╝rstenberg never would have created the greatest invention of the century, the wrap dress.” (No hard feelings about being dumped by Egon Von Furstenburg). 
“You were supposed to spend your days in romantic splendor with your true love. You’re just like Halston when he sold his brand to JCPenney–you’ve forsaken your destiny.”  (This one made me do a spit-take). 
Of course, last night during the American Horror Story: Coven finale, our dear Myrtle Snow had the best death scene ever. One I personally hope to achieve at my end... She walks out into the desert, red silk dress flying in the wind. Flanked by two guards that look suspiciously like Karl Lagerfeld, the dear sorceress goes up in flames with the final words of "Balenciaga!!!!!!"
Photos from F/X American Horror Storyhttp://www.fxnetworks.com/ahs

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Joel Arthur Rosenthal said...

A new word that transcends FABULOUS must be illustrated for our dear Myrtle Snow_ Easily her best role thus far in the AHS series.

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