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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ivana Helsinki Spring 2014

butterfly hat
ivana helsinki fashion
The Bridges of Madison County movie and the road trip that echoed it was Paola Suhonen's inspiration for Ivana Helsinki Spring 2014.  The designer is an artist and filmmaker herself.  Both are evident in how she channeled the emotions of the film into the clothing silhouettes and her original artwork that became the fabric prints.

The collection had beautiful, floating dresses.  The romantic prairie dresses or light cotton pieces with dainty ruffles here and there initially look simple.  A closer looks shows the sophisticated details of a running butterfly theme.  The bohemian butterfly is carried through in embroidered motifs, intricate prints, cutout appliques and crochet knit patterns on the clothing.  In accessories, they are layered in leather, laser cut out of gloves, stamped in metal and stitched on over-sized floppy hats.  The make-up took on a dark moody look with deep lipstick and loose curls pulled back.
ivana helsinki spring 2014
How does a family brand born in Helsinki feel so passionate about a love story from rural America?  Is Paola Suhonen's home of isolated Slavic geography and melancholy art culture have similarities with lives in Iowa?  Perhaps these two areas are the perfect pair for a design exchange.
Photos by Mariana Leung

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stylecurated said...

Great post--I completely agree! The art of the hat is quite under-celebrated and equally deserving as part of couture as an art form. Amazing effects have been created during runway shows thanks to the creativity of milliners.

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