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Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Beauty Survival Kit

YC winter is HARSH! The last week kicked my butt with the snow and the wind.  My winter beauty essentials for cold weather are all about pampering and moisturizing your skin.  These are all products I am actively using this season:

My top products for winter beauty:

I start every day with AHAVA Serum under my moisturizer.  My Mom introduced me to this brand when she visited Israel.  She has been a convert ever since.  In the winter, I change up my moisturizer depending on temperature, wind, sunscreen, etc. but the serum goes under it all.  It gives a burst of hydration that I found I can't do without right now.

My hands get super-dry between handling clothes, and forgetting gloves, so Jurlique Hand Cream that I was given as a gift has turned out to be a life saver for my cuticles and digits.

My sister and I can't live without our Kiehl's lip balm.  I prefer the tube with sunscreen.  She likes the tub.  About ten years ago I bought her a super size one more as a joke until six years later, she was still using it and all of her friends and family were disgusted.  I have now committed to buying her a new one every year to ensure that she will discard the old one.

I love the scent of Bliss Body Butter when I apply it before bed; it reminds of their spa.  However, my Hubby likes it too, and the citrus scent is just confusing me when worn by a man.  At least his skin is super soft.

For makeup, I love using Smashbox shimmery cream shadow.  It touts 15-hour wear, and I can't dispute it.  I like using it as a highlight, but also as a moisturizing base to help other shadows stick.   For holiday, I can't help but add some glitter too.  Urban Decay has a lot of fun colors in their Stardust product.

My hair is a mess in winter.  Fekkai Glossing Cream is the multi-tasking product I like to have in my bag.  The thick consistency is great for smoothing out my frizzy flyaways.  A light sweep of it over my hair, in general, is good for shine.  It is moisturizing, also good for the dryness my hair gets after being blasted by wind and sitting next to the office heater.

Essie Good To Go is just great because I beat the crap out of my nails.  It keeps the mani in check (and also stops a run in my tights).  Also, I have little patience; so I am grateful that it speeds up the polish drying noticeably.

 For all the products above, I either recently purchased, received as a gift from family or the brand itself to try.

OK, I need to know YOUR secrets for winter beauty... SPILL!

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