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Friday, December 27, 2013

Rachel Zoe Spring 2014

rachel zoe fashion show
Congratulations Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman! The couple recently welcomed their baby boy Kaius Jagger to the world.  While Rachel Zoe worked on her newest "production" her spring 2014 collection did not seem to suffer.  Her fashion at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was a more cohesive presentation than previous shows.

The color palette was a cleaner mix of ivory, dark brown, black basics with lots of bold animal or bohemian geometric prints.  The overall styling looks exactly like Rachel Zoe as a brand, rather than a greatest hits of what she might wear from other designers as I have criticized in the past.  Lots of long flowing tunics, long jackets, short shorts gave you a range of lengths and silhouettes.  It looked upscale, easy to wear and perfect for the California lifestyle she embodies. 
zebra shoes
Shoes were a blend of gladiator sandals and heeled upgrades of them.  Metallic, zig zag straps, prints made them fun.  Of course vests and hats were a part of the mix as you would expect from Rachel Zoe. 

I am a little disappointed that we aren't going to see how the undoubtedly destined to be stylish Kaius Jagger Berman will spend his first few days in the world.  News of the cancellation of the stylist's reality show had just been announced around fashion week.

You just have to be a celebrity getting dressed for the red carpet this award season for your chance to cuddle the new fabulous one. 

Photos by Mariana Leung

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