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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brooklyn Indie Shopping: Shirley and Alice

On a Saturday before Halloween, in the chilly, sunny fall weather, Brooklyn boutique Shirley + Alice hosted their monthly event. To celebrate the coming holiday, the vintage clothing and indie designer shop offered a “Halloween Style Session” to assist shoppers in assembling a retro Halloween costume.

The style session ran all day, complete with costume advice, candy, and drinks that made the store feel warm and cozy.

Shirley + Alice is owned by Brooklyn based stylist Khalilah Beavers, a tribute to her two stylish grandmothers. The boutique’s offerings range from sequined dresses and vintage fur coats to designer purses and glistening costume.

Ms. Beavers says her main goal is for a boutique “to give indie designers a voice, a chance to show themselves outside of the city [Manhattan].” The boutique strives to host monthly events that cater to a variety of clientele. Shirley + Alice’s specialty events include in-store alteration services, hosted in junction with the store’s personal seamstress who runs Nit Ra Sit Originals.  It is a service “you don’t usually get when you’re at a store, and it’s good to have that in the neighborhood,” says Khalilah Beavers. The boutique also strives to streamline their events to coincide with the holidays throughout the year.

During this year’s Halloween event, few shoppers were aware of the specialty Halloween costume guidance, but all seemed intrigued with the store’s d├ęcor and complimentary mimosas. With the abundance of clothing and accessories from different eras in all price ranges, Shirley + Alice is a welcome staple in the growing and diverse Bedford-Stuyvesant community, and the ever expanding amenities on Marcus Garvey Blvd. -Niko Nelson
Photos by Niko Nelson and Rachel Jeanty

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