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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Herve Leger Spring 2014

herve leger spring 2014
herve leger fashion show
herve leger leather
What makes your outfit sexy?  Is it the accessories, you or the clothing? The Herve Leger Spring 2014 collection made an argument for all three. Intricate kaleidoscope prints were paired with gorgeous leather corset belts.  Many of the pieces were elaborately trimmed with zippers for a luxe punk touch.  You could actually wear these with more sedate pieces at the office to add an edgy look.  

Instead of Herve Leger’s signature elastic band dresses, there were some interesting layered knit dresses.  I’m wondering if these have the same supportive functional as the classic dresses did.  If they don’t, that could be losing many of their hard core fans. 

There were a lot of swimwear looks as part of this collection; probably to capture the St. Tropez, Ibiza or even South Beach crowd.  They looked hot.

Accessories included sleek clutch handbags for another season (also in their sister collection BCBG).  Shoes were simple wide band sandals with chunky clear heels. 

 As good as the prints and swimwear looked though; my criticism here is that it looked quite a bit like the Gottex collection for the past two seasons.    The leather pieces with the ruffles, perforated patterns and bustier looks were reminiscent of Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana and other designers of seasons past. I know there is very little originality in fashion anymore, but it shouldn't be so obvious from a label that already has a very distinctive identity.  When many iconic labels have reinvented their heritage image, why is this one abandoning theirs?

What did you think of this collection?

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