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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Passion For Fashion

mariana leung design
It is the first official day of New York Fashion Week.  I won’t count on getting much sleep and diving into an onslaught of runway show after runway show.  I will spend most of it trekking from venue to venue dragging my gear with me.  I will likely be stepped on, kicked, condescended to, sneered at or ignored.  Why? I love fashion.

If you work in the fashion industry as long as I have, you understand that you are subjecting yourself to backstabbing, long hours and low pay compared to the cushy career paths of your non-“Garmento” friends.  The only reason to put up with this is because you truly believe in the beauty of fashion.

 I attempted to make little garments for my stuffed animals in grade school.  Ironically, I was not allowed to own a Barbie doll because my mother did not want me growing up to be obsessed with shallow endeavors like clothes and make-up.  #FAIL.

In high school, I started my own accessories line using origami and jewelry.  Attending the fledgling trade show at the Toronto Convention Center that served as the city’s only fashion week at the time cemented my passion for the industry.  I knew I wanted to create or share the beautiful work that went into the great design.

At Parsons School of Design, I created dresses that had a sense of humor or worked in an artisanal craft.  I loved dressing models backstage at Bryant Park for Isaac Mizrahi, or showing off the Carmen Marc Valvo collection to buyers in his showroom.

Now I consult with my favorite designers or new start-ups to help bring their collection inspiration to the stores as a textile or technical designer.  As a blogger and photographer, I have the joy of shooting my favorite collections from the front row and helping others appreciate the work that went into them!

Confucius was quoted along the lines of “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”   I disagree.  Anyone who loves fashion, works their ass off and will always do so.

Do you work in fashion?  What fuels your love of style?

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