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Sunday, September 8, 2013

NY FASHION WEEK: Mara Hoffman Spring 2014

mara hoffman dress
mara hoffman spring 2014
Can I say that I am loving all the big graphic prints I am seeing on the runways this season?  Mara Hoffman is queen of the bold tribal print.  For spring 2014, the silhouettes were long and close to the body.  The color palette did not follow traditional ethnic colors and the motifs were stylized.  There were candy colored snakes, sunbursts, eyes and textures.  Thread embroidery was similar to some of the techniques of shirts in Latin America.

The most popular piece of jewelry was the gold cuff bracelet. There were many variations of this on the models arms.  A simple pendant necklace and bright coordinating print sunglasses highlighted the bold collection.  Shoes were an earthy lace up suede sandal in muted blue, black, beige and green.  With the exception of the model with a shaved head, the hairstyles were extra long braids wrapped in a native textile draped down the model's back.  

Mara Hoffman's collections always look like a vacation.  Maybe it's the West Coast aesthetic, but it always seems warm and relaxing wherever these clothes will be.
mara hoffman jewelry
original photos by Mariana Leung

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