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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Artisan Embroidery at Naeem Khan Spring 2014

naeem khan embroidered
naeem khan black and white
naeem khan spring 2014
 Latin love was the aesthetic inspiration for Naeem Khan's gorgeous collection at NY Fashion Week.  The rose floral embroidery was a nod to the peasant blouses of Mexico, but embellished with a bit of luxury crystals and beads.  The jungle motifs from South America were also alluded to in the bright palette of the painted stripe dresses and wild leafy embroidered sequin dresses.

Naeem Khan is still Naeem Khan though, so the sweeping gowns, red carpet stunners and elegant sheaths that dress royalty are still the key silhouettes of this runway.  They just happen to be interpreted with some Latin flavor in the most luxurious way possible.  One of the most striking embellished groups were the ones with black base fabric and then embellished with fur, beads and crystal which vaguely resemble the aristocratic tribal looks of Mayan culture.  The jacket and built up shoulders just looked so rich and indulgent.

The braided hairstyles were a perfect blend of elegant updo with a respectful reference to the traditional braided hair of Mexican women in ethnic garb.  I would love to imagine that Frida Kahlo's most elegant dreams would be dressed from this collection.
original photos by David TW Leung

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