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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sexy Sauvage Spring 2014

Sauvage's West Coast sensibility brought plunging necklines and teeny bikinis to South Beach.  Designer Elizabeth Southwood creates this sexy swimwear collection out of San Diego, California and showed it at Miami Fashion Week.

In addition to the skin-baring solid colors, 1970's inspired floral prints adorned suits and coordinating pieces.  The cover-up length of choice was a baby-doll length, just grazing the behind.  I'm guessing the California crowd loves to show off their legs.  The overall attitude was of the bombshells of the 70's and Bond girls.

I know that this label also produces a men's collection and was disappointed they were not shown alongside their fashion sisters. Perhaps next season, the models will be paired with a date for the enjoyment of all of us gals in the photographer's pit... 


Alex Smith said...

wow, too hot

Hangar 217 said...

Well... looks like summer is not over yet! ;)


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