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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Soia & Kyo Fall 2013

Where is summer? Getting caught in a deluge and some freak cool nights make me fear that we are heading straight to fall.  Soia and Kyo's collection at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto showed Canadian fashion fans that there is affordable chic waiting for them.

Ilan Elfassy's runway had plenty of cozy but sleek looks for the latter part of the year.  Silhouettes were cropped right under the waist or extending the three quarter lengths.  The fit was slim through the waist and slightly flared afterwards for women.  Guys were basically slim and tailored, but not too tightly.

Both men and women had a consistent look of dark, urban colors like charcoal grey, caramel brown, black and navy.  Multiple ways to frame the face were a feature for both sexes as well.  Turtlenecks, portrait collars, over-sized lapel and pointed collars flattered the wearer.  Moto jackets looked great on male and female models down the runway.

While this label isn't earth shattering as far as fashion direction, I love that they give great style that is consistently affordable.  They sum up exactly what Canadian designers need to be to succeed in the fashion industry up North.  Perhaps that's a model more start-ups can learn from.


Sarah said...

I love the coat. Perfect for winter!

Sarah said...


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