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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Concept Korea Fall 2013

calligraphy dress
This season's crop of fashion designers at NY Fashion Week's Concept Korea show was a graphic bunch. The group of designers here presented under the general theme of "Rhythm of Korea" and were hand-picked by fashion power personalities like Fern Mallis and Opening Ceremony's Carol Song.

 Choi Bo Ko, under the label ChoiBoko created a bold collection of looks that blended calligraphy and graffiti art.  Some of the motifs looked like native tribal symbols as well.  The pieces looked warm and layered outerwear with warm sportswear pieces.  The designer favored luxury fabrics like mink, merino wool and shearling.

son jung wan 2013
Son Jung Wan is already a known favorite to represent Korean design.  She already has her own solo show at NY Fashion Week, but shares this runway with her country-mates.  Like previous seasons, Son Jung Wan uses rich dark colors coordinated with pretty prints.  The silhouettes had a hint of retro glam.  The collection was very polished and wearable.

concept korea 2013

Lie Sang Bong's collection at first looks like a very ladylike, vintage inspired group.  Upon closer inspection you realize the graphic stripe and distorted plaid patterns are printed stripes of techie neoprene.

Now if only the politics of this country was as evolved as its fashion design...

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Sarah said...

Interesting collections. One of the most stylish fashion shows I've seen. Keep it up!


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