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Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Dress for the Gatsby Era

No doubt, every fashion magazine and blog will tell you how to dress in flapper style with today's styles.  Prada produced some drool-worthy fashion for the film The Great Gatsby, but what designers did the Daisy Buchanans wear IN the 1920's?

Roaring 20's fashion was the decade of Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Jeanne Lanvin.  Erte's theater costume illustrations set the tone of sleek art deco patterns.  Flapper dresses were embroidered in Asian florals or Art Deco patterns reflecting the trends in architecture at the time.  Chanel pioneered the concept of comfortable sportswear, opposite the whimsical embellishments of her Italian rival, Schiaparelli. As a parent, Lanvin's intricate work was coveted by other mothers, leading to coordinated outfits for their children as well.
Fashionable ladies were just as enamored with shoes as we are today.  T-strap shoes and embellished heels were the coveted styles of the era.  The prestige designers then were Salvatore Ferragamo and Andre Perugia. 

The 1920's was radical in that fashionable women cut their hair short en masse for the first time in history...ever! It was quite the milestone for a socialite to march into a salon and ask for the chic bob. I love this vintage advertisement that you could bring to your stylist:

Ok, now rouge your knees, roll your stockings down and see the damn movie already!

photos from oldrags.tumblr.com/, jildorshoes.com,

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