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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Future of Fashion 2013 - Knitwear Design

Amazing things can be done in the twisting of yarn. The 2013 class of F.I.T. proved that in spades.  The knitwear designers were my favorite (and largest) section of the Fashion Institute of Technology's graduate fashion show this week.

The designs ranged from sculptural art pieces from designer Jong Suk Park and Marines Padilla to the brightly colored work of award winner Tae Kyung Kim.  There were slinky, sexy fitted dresses with light weight patterned stitches.  Innovative textures were created in the knitting techniques or achieved with dimensional yarns. Critics overseeing the knitwear students were Tom Scott and Lars Andersson. 
 Other designers included Sowon Yoon,Jiin Yoo,Jing Jing Xu,Marta Weber, Tamara Taylor , Jin Young Suh, Jennifer Seung Yeon Sim, Isadora Scimeca, Olga Santiago, Julie Urania Rovelo, Danielle Ridarick, Noa Rennert, Sanja Radulovic, Hannah Park,Yoshie Muranaka, Desiree Cadman Mendoza, Morgan Maxwell, Claire Lung , Katie Lewis, Wonhee Lee, Hee-eun Lee, Ida Lamberton, Kathy Hweryung Kwon, Sijeo Kim, Mashal Khan, Kinjal Katakia, Elizabeth Joyce, Samantha Ince, Jelena Ibrishimovikj, Soyeon Hwang, Katharine Gray, Victoria Clemente, Andy Chan, Aimee Ciancarelli, Aisling Camps, Blake Burnett, Yuliya Bondarenko, Heidi Bischoff, Chelsea Maxine Agawa and Nora Abdelwahed.

One thing we can be assured of, the new generation of fashion will keep you cozy and in style.


Lending Lace said...

Love the ivory group! would make a great bridal alternative

ELUXL said...

REALLY nice. Great play of pattern design http://www.eluxl.com

Jelena Ibrishimovikj said...

Thank you Ms. Fabulous for mentioning all participants in the BFA graduation exhibit, as well as the runway show. I truly enjoyed reading the article and going through the photos. <3

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