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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pamella Roland Fall 2013

For the Upper East Side Ladies who lead the glamorous after they lunch... Pamella Roland's Fall 2013 collection for NY Fashion Week was luxurious with a bit of vintage Hollywood chic.  Fur stoles wrapped necks and arms.  Long trailing gowns in simple solid colors or metallic embellished shorter dresses swept along a mosaic print runway.

Shiny, sexy tight daywear looks could only be called daywear by women who never need to work.  There were jackets and pants in silky fabrics and shiny details that screamed evening, but had daytime silhouettes.  They reminded me of what television characters in high society dramas would wear, rather than real people.  That's not to say they were not outfits I personally wouldn't love to wear if I could make my reality like that...

Unfortunately, the models looked very severe and unhappy.  Perhaps it was the unspoken truth of life as a trophy wife... Tight black headbands and very high platform shoes were the accessories of choice.  The headbands made the look more uptight, pulling the face back like a recent face-lift 

I wish Pamella would use more of the delicate, pretty embroideries that I saw in previous seasons. They were elegant without looking forced or drama filled.

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