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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lela Rose Fall 2013

lela rose fall 2013
lela rose dress

With all of the attention on street style at NY Fashion Week, the style crowd tends to forget about the ladies lunching indoors.  Lela Rose designs for the privileged women who have cotillions, galas and many official luncheons that require their presence.  The Bush family women often wore this designer in public and the label has fans in celebrities like Susan Sarandon.

Their Fall 2013 collection was inspired by Grimm's fairy tales.  This muse was not taken in a very literal sense.  The hair was styled in a dreamy, wispy/messy look.  The flattering sheath dresses and long flowing skirts or easy long jackets had a more freestyle feel.  There were some striking prints like an Asian-style floral, geometric color blocks and pastel pink ombre.  The lighter colors looked like they were meant for spring compared to the dark colors of other designer's palettes, but then I remembered that much of the clientele is based in the South where color is everything and they don't feel our winters.

A more bohemian touch was seen in the slouchier jackets and full skirts paired with polka dot socks and pumps.  This looked like it was designed to appease the (slightly) rebellious daughters of the more proper mothers that are dressed by Lela Rose.

No matter how grungy one gets, once in awhile it just feels good to dress like a lady doesn't it?

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