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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NY FASHION WEEK: Vera Wang Fall 2013

Ah Vera... The most rough edged of males in the photographers' pit could appreciate the beauty of Vera Wang's Fall 2013 collection.  A large floral runway echoed the dominant floral jacquard of the clothes.

The show opened with various shades of grey (not quite 50) and black.  They were jeweled, beaded, shimmering and accompanied by luxe fur wraps of different incarnations.  Then the draped silhouettes showed off the signature floral in silver, purple and burnt orange.  The key fall colors were established quickly.  

Whatever length you wanted in your skirt, you could have.  There were short skirts, knee length and flowing floor length.  Not a skirt person? Elegant pants were also offered.  I was lucky enough to see some of my embroidery designs used in Vera Wang's collection in the late 1990's, and I can attest to how much of a perfectionist she is.   Based on the runway results, I can see it's worth it...

Photos by David TW Leung

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