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Monday, February 11, 2013

NY FASHION WEEK: Herve Leger Fall 2013

herve leger fall 2013
herve leger fall dress
Expecting classic bandage dresses from Herve Leger's Fall 2013 collection?  There are a few token styles, but the Max Azria team is coming at you with a bunch of new themes.

There were some fantastic patterns that looked like they were inspired by everything from art deco, animal prints to string art.  The prints or beading were engineered to follow the contours of the body for a very sexy effect.  There were some disappointments, there were the same big rectangular clutch handbags seen at last season's show and at sister label, BCBG.  There was a rehash of the leather corset belts from last year's fashion show as well.  My biggest complaint? The baseball cap hat that was on every look.  It cheapened what otherwise would have been a great dress collection.

herve leger designers
photos by David TW Leung

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