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Saturday, February 16, 2013

NY FASHION WEEK: Anna Sui Fall 2013

Why do the models of an Anna Sui fashion show always look like they walked out of a Wes Anderson movie?  It's that quirky, bohemian chic.  This season, Ms. Sui seems to run out of NYC flea markets and shopped at the Paris ones.  The soundtrack to the show was 1960's inspired French pop.

The mixed geometric patterns and crafty-looking knits looked adorable.  The palette of coordinating brights and more subdued shades worked really well. While I often think much of Anna Sui's collections are immature, I grudgingly admit I would love to wear a lot of the looks on this season's runway. Perhaps I'm regressing. 

The over sized cross pendant necklace was the jewelry of choice.  The boxy handbags looked like the purses of my grandmother, except with a modern update of colorful fabrics.  Shoes had the same crafty look with a mix of coordinating colors that worked back to the clothing ensembles.

Until I become queen of my own Moonrise Kingdom, I'll be content with shopping off this runway...

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