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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Joanna Mastroianni Fall 2013

joanna mastroianni fashion show
joanna mastroianni barbarella
joanna mastroianni red dress
Strong, brave women for the future.  Designer Joanna Mastroianni was inspired by the 1968 cult movie Barbarella for her fall 2013 collection.  Mdivani Monroe and I had the privilege of interviewing Joanna at her studio yesterday to talk about her design process for this season.

She started with metallic fabrics as a nod to the sci-fi theme of the film, and chose soft, liquid fabrics, then moved onto jewel tones.  As much as I enjoyed the show, seeing the pieces up close was even more impressive.  Joanna designs from the smallest detail, like a hand beaded embellishment.  She then gets bigger, works with the fabric and calls upon her background in pattern-making to craft a beautifully fitted dress.  Her process is rare in today's fashion industry, especially in the American market.  

Her pieces are worn by the most fashionable celebs today like Sarah Jessica Parker and Christina Ricci.  However, Joanna finds her muses in iconic women who have made their mark throughout the decades, like Iris Apfel and Lillian Bassman.  It just goes to show you that fantastic style will always be timeless...

Mdivani Monroe, our fantastic video producer interviews Ms. Mastroianni at her design studio discuss how she developed this season's collection: 

photos by Mariana Leung

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