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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bryan Boy's Furry-Tale

Afraid you'll be chilly for NY Fashion Week?  Longtime fur accessories label Adrienne Landau collaborate with blogging star Bryan Boy for a collection of accessories for fall.  They launched the brightly colored collection together at the Mondrian Soho hotel yesterday.

Bryan Boy had always favored wrapping his own camera straps in the luxury of fur as a way of covering up the unsightly logo.  He casually mentioned it to the folks at Adrienne Landau who came back with a full collaboration offer.  Bryan has brought an infusion of color never before seen from the more traditional company.  Vivid purple and forest green being his favorite colors.  Super bright yellows and red also made the mix.  Besides the camera strap covers, there were simple neck wraps which Bryan Boy extensively wear-tested himself to give feedback to the technical team.  My favorites were the mink bow ties.

I first met Bryan Boy while he was dressed like a lion during Fashion week several years ago.  Literally garbed in a mane, paws, possibly a tail... This project of his seems fitting, and much more marketable than a collection that belongs in the Wizard of Oz (unless James Franco is modelling).

With all of the talk about how paranoid the fashion crowd is of getting sick for NYFW, immediate availability of these furry warmers would have been great.  Alas, we can't get our hands on them until Fall 2013...

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