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Monday, February 4, 2013

Beyonce's Secret Weapon - Rubin Singer

beyonce superbowl leather
Who was the MVP of last night's Superbowl?  In my circles, it was undoubtedly Beyonce Knowles and the sexy-as-hell leather lace outfit she wore designed by Rubin Singer.  

The designer was not well known before last night, but his dramatic look caught the  eye of the pop star's stylist, Ty Hunter several years ago.  Beyonce first wore a dress by Singer two years ago at a performance near the Statue of Liberty.

Rubin Singer, who came to New York via Paris, and parents who defected from Russia, is very grateful that the pop star chose him for this moment instead of a "major designer".  Humble words coming from someone who has already dressed celebs like Lucy Liu, Heidi Klum and Alicia Keys.

The designer takes his inspirations from cultural muses both classic and current.  For his spring 2013 collection, he was inspired by the John Everett Millais painting, "The Death of Ophelia".  The painting is a beautifully rendered image on the tragic end of Hamlet's heroine.    The looks below have a sculpted, watercolor look that is sexy and innocent...

rubin singer spring 2013
Bravo Rubin for your night int he spotlight!
images from fashionbombdaily.com and rubinsinger.com

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