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Friday, January 25, 2013

Czar by Cesar Galindo Spring 2013

 Cesar Galindo has been a hired gun for many of the fashion world's top collections.  His own collection for a spring 2013 runway show is a crowd pleaser.

What I learned from his pretty Spring 2012 collection was that he drapes a flattering silhouette, and he knows how to pick his colors were precision.  This formula served him well again this season.  He had flowing maxi dresses in bright solids or graphic black and white prints.  Sunny tangerine, turquoise, yellow, hit all the top spring notes.  Long, draped garments were also forgiving to his customers who wanted a relaxed feel.

Cesar's look is not Earth-shattering fashion forward.  They are simply great looking clothes for a specific customer.  I have to say, the accessory I like the most from his shows though, is the genuine smile he always has at the end...

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