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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kooey Swimwear 2013

The temperature dropped last night and I froze my fishnetted butt off.  Meanwhile, Down Under, it's high beach season in Australia.  Kooey Swimwear is a hot Australian label that showed its 2013 collection in Miami Fashion Week.  I thought this was the perfect (flimsy) excuse to show some scantily clad eye candy.

The collection had simple silhouettes.  There were classic bikini styles, very basic cover-ups, a few flattering one-piece suits.  Men's styles consisted only of solid color drawstring shorts or briefs.  The colors were bold however, and the women's pieces and pretty prints in tropical florals or a pebble print that looked like it was inspired by sportswear.  That's all there really was to say about it.  Judging by the expressions of enthusiasm of the models, I didn't miss anything backstage either.

Well, enjoy the skin show everyone.

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