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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY: Vintage Fur and Beaded Jacket Upgrade

jeweled collar jacket

Sometimes your favorite fashion item gets a little worn and you need to give it a holiday season upgrade.  I decided to give my inexpensive brocade jacket (originally on sale at Nine West) a luxury DIY makeover.

-vintage fur collar (salvaged from an old coat)
-long navette Swroavski sew-on crystals
-long glass bugle beads
-fire polished 3mm faceted Czech beads

how to fur collar

To attach the fur to the jacket, line up the center back of the collar to the center back of the jacket collar (this only works if the fur collar has a lining).  Loosely tack the collar and fur collar in a zig zag manner outwards towards the collar points in both directions.

For the embroidery, I started stitching down the jewels in place first, then followed up with the black bugle beads to accentuate the existing pattern.  Depending on the fabric of the jacket you are working on, you can adjust your materials to fit the motifs.  Long bugles are great for geometric lines, seed beads or rhinestones are great for adding pop to the center of flowers or spots.

how to embroidered collar
Funny story about this jacket.  I was on duty jury for an excruciatingly long trial for a rapper who shot her friend.  The bailiff who was in charge of us was a very intimidating Tom Sizemore lookalike who never cracked a smile.

For the length of the trial, I was always carrying around this tote bag from Angry Little Girls.  

Apparently, Mr. Not Sizemore was the only one to notice my bag.  When a flamboyant male fellow juror complimented this brocade jacket, the bailiff said back to him "Get your own jacket Bitch!" smiling, proud that he gave a sassy fashion comeback.  Then, looking at the face of the shocked other juror, he realized that no one was in on the joke and turned beet red.  I on the other hand, couldn't stop giggling and patted the bailiff on the shoulder to assure him he was funny before explaining to the poor juror he wasn't being given a style smackdown by the Bailiff.

What did you think of the jacket makeover?  Have you given your own closet items an upgrade?  Share them with me!

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