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Monday, November 5, 2012

Superstorm Sandy Aftermath - How to Help

Hello readers. This post has nothing to do with fashion design or beauty, at least not directly.  In my 19 years in NYC, I have seen the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, then September 11, the blackout of 2003, Hurricane Irene and now Sandy.  New Yorkers were strong and moved forward without fail.

Now with Sandy,  I never saw so many of my peers affected and so long.  Almost everyone I know lost power, or were evacuated or living in the cold.  Artists lost their life’s work to the flood.  Friends are lining up for gas all day just so they could get to their jobs or move their families to a place with heat.  Fellow New Yorkers saw their homes completely burned to the ground or diving in dumpsters for food.  This is not the city I call home.

If you are in New York, New Jersey or in an area that was hit hard, please help out your local area and your fellow neighbors.   I was completely elated to see stranded New York Marathon runners decide to volunteer in their competitor numbers in place of racing with a cheerful attitude.

One organization that has been a constant in every crisis has been the American Red Cross.  After September 11, I gave blood and funds.  Despite all they were doing, they still reached back out to me afterwards to check on my well being and let me know that they were there for support if needed.  They make it easy to help however you can.  You can donate money to specific areas or where it’s needed most.  You can donate blood or time if you don’t have money to give.

To reach the American Red Cross start here.      THANK YOU.

Photo: David Shankbone

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