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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anna Sui and Coach Collaboration

anna sui coach bag
anna sui models

Every day there is a new designer collaboration between a traditional big brand and downtown designer.  Coach handbags paired up with 1990's holdout Anna Sui for a collection of two bags for the holiday season.

Did the designer bring her whimsical Lolita-esque babydoll prints? Bright color palette?  No.  There was one black leather duffle bag with a dragonfly detail accented in green and a cognac brown duffle bag with a fleur de lis detail.  The bags were quite nice actually, with a giant leather tassle, or inside smaller pouch.  The duffle silhouette is one of Coach's signature shapes, so is the leather construction (as opposed to Anna Sui's typical synthetics).

New York fashion editors and several top models came out to support the launch.  Adorable owl and dragonfly cookies decorated in her honor were passed around with sparkling wine.

Until the next collaboration then...

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