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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweat Tech with Under Armour

 I joined my fellow Glam Media bloggers at the Exhale Mind Body Spa last week for something healthy.  We were there to check out Under Armour's offerings for women and take a boot camp class together.

I had to admit, I expected an easy class; more to show off the gear than to sweat.  I knew I was in trouble when a marathon runner next to me saw Exhale's instructor and said the last time she took her class, she was in pain for a week.  Damn.

Under Armour was always a hardcore sports brand I associated with men.  I never thought much about what they offered women.  I have to say I was incredibly impressed with both their initiative to encourage women to sweat and the thought put into their clothing.

One of the least-enjoyable parts of running for me was the lack of support that workout gear provided. I was ecstatic when Under Armour provided an Armour bra in my band and cup size. I have enough trouble trying to find regular bras in my size, let alone one for the gym.  Actually, chatting with UA's category manager, Jennifer Fontana, I found that each cup size had its own features that supported its shape accordingly.  These features included different shaped racerbacks, different closure position, silicone treated hooks for comfort, strategic moisture-wicking panels, to name a few.  As someone who worked in technical design for many years, this was quite exciting.

I tried out their "shatter" capri pant.  I had little (no) experience to compression features in pants.  Apparently compression helps muscles stay primed and prevent injury.  The moisture-wicking aspect of these pants were great, as I was sweating buckets.  I thought I would be in pain for days, but I was surprisingly okay the day after this class. I guess that's the difference.

We were treated a video announcing their #WhatsBeautiful contest.  It turned out to be a moving challenge, and a community where women set their own health goals and then cheered each other on.  There were women who set fitness goals following an injury, women who worked towards renewed confidence following childbirth, small challenges, large challenges, with great stories behind them. Me, non-gym bunny, am totally ready to join.

Under Armour Women set out to redefine the female athlete by creating What's Beautiful, a program that encourages women to share their fitness journeys and receive motivation, free gear, and support from Under Armour along the way.

The Under Armour What's Beautiful community is growing by the minute and the women in the challenge are seriously bringing it. Check them out! Set your own goal. Crush it. And the 10 women with the most epic journeys will win a trip to Florida to the Under Armour Women's Camp Sweat where you will train with the best.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Under Armour via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Under Armour.

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